Press Release - January 19th, 2023

Blockchain in the Real-Estate Marketplace

Real Estate leaders, PropTx, Teranet and AMP Systems LLC partner with blockchain experts, VisionMAX and Blocksyte, to transform the process of buying and selling Real Estate across Canada.

TORONTO, ON, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In January of 2023, MLP LP, a joint venture between PropTx, Teranet & AMP will be partnering with VisionMAX and Blocksyte, global leaders in enterprise business technology solutions, to introduce an industry-changing digital Real Estate transaction of real property through a tokenized blockchain solution for Real Estate Boards across Canada.

This innovative blockchain solution will be integrated into the new multiple listing platform, REALM™, which is currently utilized by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) and their members, with plans to expand to other Real Estate Boards. Located in the province of Ontario, TRREB is Canada's largest Real Estate Board, established in 1920 with the goal of providing leading-edge service and support to its 70,000-plus Members and Partner Board Members.

Designed with Members’ needs at the forefront, this blockchain solution will enable a more trusted, streamlined, and automated process for managing Real Estate transactions. "This is another innovation that will propel our industry forward,” says TRREB CEO, John DiMichele. “We are leading the way with a vision for a future-facing system that will ensure security, efficiency, and transparency. This is the first step in facilitating a seamless and less complex Real Estate transaction process."

“As pioneers in the digitization of statutory and commercial real property solutions, we are incredibly excited to be part of this next advancement in the Real Estate space,” says Teranet President and CEO, Elgin Farewell. “Teranet’s deep expertise of modernizing workflows in order to create value for our customers will help enable our collective goals of continuing to foster and deliver innovative solutions to the Real Estate community.”

The adoption of smart contracts will facilitate the automation of processes and workflows, creating a trusted environment for consumers and Real Estate Stakeholders, while maintaining confidential information truly confidential. Leveraging the secure, immutable qualities of blockchain technology, where unauthorized access to or alteration of data is near impossible, will elevate our current technology to improve both the Members’ efficiency, accuracy and performance.

Standardization through smart contracts and rules-based workflows will elevate our current technology to improve the Members’ efficiency, accuracy and performance, all while instilling greater trust in the homeownership process. “The key purpose of the blockchain solution is to promote trust in these large financial purchases - most people’s largest single lifetime purchase,” explains, AMP Systems LLC President and CEO Carlos Grass. “Securing the deal transaction electronically with a standardized approach and a Know Your Customer KYC identification component ensures that each step of the deal process is captured digitally and authenticated by validated participants.”

“Working with the largest and fastest growing Real Estate Board in the world, the pioneers of electronic land registry solutions and the leader in multiple listing platform technology, is a truly monumental moment,” says VisionMAX President David McDougall. “Our deep expertise in omni-channel technology solutions and blockchain will accelerate these collective organizations’ goals for a more connected, reliable, and seamless Real Estate workflow.”

About Blocksyte

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in New York City and Toronto, Blocksyte offers a private blockchain-enabled SaaS application platform based on the VisionEngine for mid-market and enterprise supply chain, real-estate, metaverse-commerce companies. Blocksyte is committed to helping its customers run their businesses more efficiently and improve their operations with trust and less red-tape. As an IBM partner using IBM's highly reliable Cloud Blockchain service, Blocksyte has access to leading blockchain innovations, to power its own application and enable its customers to embrace new capabilities. Blocksyte is owned by David McDougall and Isaac Fattal.

About Visionmax

For 25 years VisionMAX has delivered complex custom-developed enterprise business software solutions for government, banks, insurance, US/Canadian/International telcos, real-estate and large retailers. VisionMAX provides a 360-degree view of your customer (including literally a 360-degree metaverse commerce view!!). Customer-facing omni-channel interfaces such as web e-commerce, mobile, kiosks, call center order taking & automation, Point of Sale, Metaverse VR/AR Commerce, blockchain, bot-AI, interactive TV, voice (IVR, AI). All omni-channel GUI tools are fed from our central cloud VisionEngine platform.

About MLP LP

Together with Teranet, AMP Systems LLC and PropTx Innovations Inc., MLP LP was created to deliver an innovative and modern multiple listing platform that will unite Real Estate Professionals across Canada. This state-of-the-art configurable back-end platform facilitates a national, authoritative listing database, unified rules and fair display concepts, technology enhancements, reciprocity and a mechanism for greater innovation. Our vision includes a blockchain-enabled platform that elevates the value of Real Estate Sales Professionals in the eyes of the consumer. By providing singular access to highly sought features, unparalleled tools and capabilities, with powerful insights we enable Real Estate Sales Professionals to deliver exemplary service to their clients and customers throughout the Real Estate transaction process.

For more information contact:

David McDougall
Phone: +1 905-282-0503 x300

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Press Release - June 23rd, 2019

Blocksyte And Caroli Are First To Announce Blockchain Traceability In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supply Chain

Company representatives to share results of blockchain application monitoring location, temperature, tampering, and more at 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show June 23-25

NEW YORK, June 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blocksyte, a SaaS-based blockchain supply chain application company focused on the food industry supply chain, and Caroli, the award-winning producer of high-quality, extra virgin olive oil, today announced the successful introduction of end-to-end blockchain traceability into the olive oil supply chain. Blocksyte's SaaS-based application has been used to track Caroli's olive oil shipment between Italy and the United States, monitoring real-time location, temperature, humidity, and light exposure, to ensure that the olive oil was handled under optimal conditions throughout its entire journey.

"We are excited to use blockchain to monitor our olive oil from the production facility through customs clearance and into our warehouses," said Ben D'Antico, Co-founder and CEO of Caroli USA, Inc. "This ensures that our customers can be confident that they are paying for and receiving a premium product, which has been tracked from the bottling source."

In its most recent shipment, Blocksyte provided Caroli with IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, reporting directly to a tamper-proof immutable blockchain record that its olive oil was shipped within the appropriate temperature range to ensure freshness. The Blocksyte application also measured humidity, detects potential tampering, and tracked the shipment's exact location to make sure that nothing was misplaced along the journey.

"We applaud Caroli for its forward-looking approach to introducing Blocksyte's blockchain traceability into its supply chain," said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Blocksyte CEO and Co-founder. "We look forward to expanding our relationship with the company as it increases its shipments to a growing clientele here in the US."

Blocksyte and Caroli have plans to extend blockchain traceability from the point of production at Caroli's estate in Martina Franca, in the Province of Taranto, where growing conditions are ideal for premium extra virgin olive oil. At the other end of the supply chain, Blocksyte will help Caroli ensure its shipments are received by its retail customers with proper handling. The companies plan to allow end consumers access to the blockchain record via a code on the bottle label to see exactly when it was packed and shipped, and from which locations, enabling true 'farm to fork' traceability.

Blocksyte and Caroli will be sharing additional insights at this week's 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show, held at the Javits Center in New York, in Caroli's booth #2248.

About Blocksyte

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, with offices in New York City and Toronto, Blocksyte offers a private blockchain-enabled SaaS application for mid-market and enterprise supply chain companies. With a primary focus on the food industry, Blocksyte is committed to helping its customers run their businesses more efficiently and improve their operations. As an IBM partner using IBM's highly reliable Cloud Blockchain service, Blocksyte has access to leading blockchain innovations, to power its own application and enable its customers to embrace new capabilities. Blocksyte is a member of the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA).

About Caroli

The "Antica Masseria Caroli" is located in Martina Franca, within the Province of Taranto, in the hills at an altitude of 420mt. It is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial success in the rich Apulian vegetable oil world. Stefano Caroli, owner of the company, was just 23 when in 1976 founded his company along with his family and his staff. Thanks to the experience of three generations and a careful selection of the best olives, Antica Masseria Caroli produces now a wide range of high quality extra virgin olive oils. Stefano selects the best olives, as well as the olive trees in "Monte Trazzonara" and "Pezze Mammarelle" and even olives from different farms and estates. Since 2017 Caroli has operated a branch in the USA, incorporated as Caroli USA, Inc., which offers consumers and distributors all Caroli's products and services.

For more information contact:

Michael Doherty
Phone: +1 831 359 8508

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BlockSyte develops blockchain solution for specialty food makers

Technology allows smaller companies to track shipment environmental conditions

By Liisa Rajala

Published New Hampshire Business Review: March 1st, 2019

A Nashua startup is seeking specialty food businesses to further test its cloud-hosted private blockchain solution, which the company says will bring efficiency and accountability to the supply chain. In partnership with an Internet of Things vendor, BlockSyte places a 3-inch by 1-inch tag on pallets to record in real-time humidity, air pressure, light, orientation and temperature of products enroute to major shipping hubs. In addition to monitoring a shipment in real-time, customers can also streamline key documents and smart contracts, enabling them to cancel a contract if the shipment was not delivered properly. “For high end artisanal products, that’s just not been possible before,” says Alan Pelz-Sharpe, CEO and co-founder of BlockSyte. “If you [the manufacturer] have contracted to move cheese to Manhattan and it hasn’t been transport properly, you can void the contract in real-time. It’s a radical transformation of supply chain practices. I don’t think our customers realize how accessible this technology is – that they can move from a high cost, inefficient, paper heavy loss damage dispute heavy system to a very streamlined and basically argument free system very quickly.

Pelz-Sharpe says the supply chain industry has been moving toward this level of oversight, and BlockSyte is an early player. The company has already become an official IBM Partner and communicates with the companies Food Trust division, which applies blockchain solutions to the supply chain. While IBM is focused on the large retailers, BlockSyte is focused on the network of small and medium distributors and retailers, which are important pieces of the network, says Pelz-Sharpe. “Hopefully we’re one of the conduits if not the conduit to connect those smaller links,” he says, noting retailers like Wal-Mart rely on tens of thousands of small suppliers and third-party trucking companies. “Wal-Mart has decreed that by September 2019, all green food stops, so kale, cabbage and lettuce, have to be tracked by blockchain. That’s for food safety. That’s a big hurdle for a lot of people to get over,” he says. “These are small companies with small revenues, they don’t have a large IT team.”

Northeast supply chain hub. When the company was formed last year, one of its founders suggested New York for the location. “It was me who said, ‘Why? Let’s go for New Hampshire,” says Pelz-Sharpe. “There’s tax advantages, real estate here is lower, so we know that but we really wanted to tap into the community that’s a little bit closer to the food supply chain.” Bordering Quebec and Montreal, New Hampshire is a key hub for the supply chain of the Northeast. “This is a region that’s famed for its cheeses,” says Pelz-Sharpe. “It’s really important that you have a really good eye on how it’s transported and stored. If it’s transported in a truck in 90 degree heat, it’s not going to taste too good.” And sometimes small manufacturers “can’t distribute out of limited area because they don’t have visibility or control over how those products are transported and stored.”

This article appears in the March 1 2019 issue of New Hampshire Business Review

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Press Release - Feb 5th, 2019

Blocksyte Launches SAAS-based Blockchain Application for Mid-market Supply Chain.

Blocksyte, an early stage company focused on the mid-market supply chain, today announced the nationwide availability of its Version II SaaS-based blockchain application.“Blocksyte is open for business, helping mid-market food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers embrace the benefits of blockchain,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Blocksyte CEO and co-founder, a nationally recognized expert on blockchain.“More importantly, the easy-to-use Blocksyte application, running on our proprietary enterprise-class technology platform, is designed to help our customers run their businesses more efficiently, reduce costs, and meet the demands of supply chain partners.”The company is initially focusing on the $1.4 trillion food industry, whose recent produce recalls underscore the problems of a fragmented and technically-outdated supply chain.With industry leaders like Wal-Mart pushing their suppliers to implement blockchain applications, mid-market companies require a cost-efficient option that they can easily integrate into their existing operations while earning a quick return on their investment.

Blocksyte is operating several successful pilots of its application with customers representing different parts of the supply chain.One of these, Haverhill, Massachusetts-based CF Cold Storage, operates a 107,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse, and has experienced a measurable increase in efficiency since deploying the Blocksyte application.“By choosing Blocksyte, we gained the ability to monitor our shipments in real-time,” said Costas Flessas, Founder and President of CF Cold Storage.“The result is that we spend less time each day manually tracking items, and have reduced losses and improved our delivery times.”The Blocksyte customer dashboard displays the current and historic location of products along their route, monitors the temperature and humidity of the products, and alerts the customer when a shipment veers off its route or is otherwise disturbed, helping the customer save time and money.The Blocksyte application provides an auditable, non-disputable record of every shipment, providing mid-market customers and their clients with chain of control assurance, enabling them to go paperless and still have a secure proof of delivery (POD).

Additional features of the Blocksyte application include the ability for customers to incorporate smart contracts and electronic invoices integrated to cloud-based accounting systems and enabled by blockchain, meaning the data entered is immutable and cannot be altered, an important factor when products change hands several times as part of the typical supply chain journey.This traceability can, for example, facilitate targeted product recalls instead of cumbersome national recalls, such as happened with romaine lettuce in November 2018.Blocksyte’s technology advancements are one of the reasons the company was recently named technology runner-up in the 2018 Flatley Challenge Tech Startup Competition, held annually to recognize startups and emerging businesses in the southern New Hampshire area, a hotbed for tech startups due to the area’s highly-educated workforce and business-friendly economic environment.Added Pelz-Sharpe, “being recognized in the Flatley Challenge is a positive reinforcement of Blocksyte’s capabilities and an important milestone as we look to grow and help more customers in 2019.” - NASHUA, NH - 02/05/2019 (

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IFMA - International Foodservice Manufacturers Association

Blocksyte becomes a member of IFMA - November 1st, 2018

As an established trade association serving foodservice manufacturers for over 65 years, IFMA works to improve industry practices and relationships while equipping every foodservice manufacturer with the tools to navigate their future with confidence. By providing insights, developing best practices and fostering connectivity through events, we enlighten members and motivate change that leads to the betterment for the individual member organization and the industry at large.

IFMA conference Phoenix Nov 2-4