The Blocksyte Solution

Our Solution

     Blocksyte provides a cloud-hosted private blockchain supply-chain solution for a single view of key documents, smart-contracts and core shipment tracking captured data (GPS location, temperature, humidity, shock, altitude, tampering, movement alarms, etc...).

  • Our solution is hosted on the IBM global cloud.
  • Blocksyte’s solution implements our own Hyperledger blockchain, and the option of a licensed based IBM brand Hyperledger blockchain.
  • We also integrate into other blockchain networks to enable our customers to join in all participating blockchain networks seamlessly. This reduces your compliance time, learning curve, and costs.
  • Blocksyte makes it simple to scan/upload (or take a picture) of your shipping or contractual documents and securely post and encrypt them into the blockchain.
  • Our customers are given a security certificate for each electronic device you and your organization uses (simple click once to download and install) to authenticate and ensure that only authorized people and devices are used to access the system. The application will check if multi-party approval is needed and manage the notification process to get consensus of a valid document.
  • All documents and step by step processes are validated by certificate and username/pin), it is written to the blockchain with an encrypted code so that the document cannot be tampered with.
  • The document becomes immutable on the blockchain and becomes a permanent record or single source of the truth. If all parties agree an alternate version of the document (a mistake was made), a new block can be introduced (but the original document/block is always there for an audit trail).
  • Blocksyte’s hardware solution is placed into your truck fleet cabs. One hub (one time cost of $300) is required per truck and matchbox size tags (approximately a $15 item) are placed on one or more pallets.
  • The hardware solution automatically tracks the shipment. The smart tags inside products, on pallets, or in containers can be accessed from 90 feet away from the Wi-Fi/3G hubs for package level control on key performance indicators (KPI) such as temperature, humidity, shock and tampering.
  • Blocksyte pulls all of the documents, hardware data together with our smart-contracts to proactively manage the shipping process with notifications, reports, dashboards and alarms that are triggered based on the rules and agreements you have in place with your supply chain partners.
  • Our smart-contract rules along with our CRM customer management solution ensures that everybody is clear with the entire process from the source to your end destinations. Whoever has security access, can access relevant data and KPI's. This extra form of operational intelligence, enables you to proactively correct issues before the products arrive at the final destination, saving everybody time, money and frustration.

Solution Benefits

  • Easy to use and intuitive step-by-step application structure solving the “how do I do this” issue. We remove the barrier for small and medium businesses to compete with the large international organizations with customers that demand blockchain compliance.
  • Get connected to multiple enterprise blockchain networks with only one system to use. We take care of the integration.
  • A low-cost base monthly outlay for a full solution including hardware, software, training and suppport.
  • Blocksyte ensures you are ready for business with key retailers that require you to work with their chosen blockchain. You will also potentially be able to aquire new customers when others are not able to meet their technology demands.

Solution Implementation

     Blocksyte is a company with a full end to end solution unifying blockchain and RFID technologies with a powerful, proven, 20 year in-market Omni-channel retail enterprise solution base to provide superior insight and business intelligence within supply chain logistics.

     What we provide is a hosted, easy to use, fully self-configurable browser-based application pre-integrated with top blockchain networks, industry leading hardware, with intuitive self-guided help and video training. Our live support along with our knowledgebase issue resolution team keeps you running 24/7/365. Blocksyte is an IBM partner and we offer connectivity to the IBM blockchain (requires and IBM license - extra cost) as an alternative option to the Apache Hyperledger platform.

     The benefits to customers of Blocksyte’s platform include aiding in food and product traceability, tackle the cost of waste, more quickly identify and contain instances of food borne illnesses, prevent fraud and theft, as well as facilitate compliance with safety regulations, while meeting customer demand for transparency in the food and transportation supply-chain eco systems.