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Blocksyte Product Features

Blockchain Solution

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(Screenshot: Blocksyte View Blockchain screen)

The core of the Blocksyte product is our intuitive, easy to setup blockchain platform. Designed specifically for your supply chain, we empower you to connect to all of your customers' blockchain networks without any systems develpment. Just use a browser or our app and you are up and running.

  • Mobile Web and Mobile applications (App Stores)
  • Video-based, step-by-step context senstive help on each screen major function, contract type and rule.
  • Real-Time support with our Artificial Intellegence BOT/Avatar Texting with Knowledge Base Learning and Automation
  • Live Support Agents ready to help 24/7/365 using our text system and phone-based support
  • Wireless Hub and tags for your vechicles (or refrigerated/heated storage locations) and products with real-time tracking for GPS location, temperature, humidity, shock, altitude, tampering.
  • 2-Factor Security: Certificate-based and User/PIN - absolutely no doubt about who and what device authorized or accepted a transaction that gets committed to the immutable (permanent) blockchain.
  • View Blockchain screen shows all smart-contracts, documents, images, digital signatures, and approvals in a simple graphical tool.
  • Reporting and Analytics Dashboards for real-time GPS tracking, Temperature, Humidity, altitute, shock, movement indication for the shipment
  • Internet of Things (IoT) device tracking - wireless (Wi-Fi, cellular) hubs 30-day battery rechargable or hardwired. Inexpensive tags to store and forward data to the hubs.

Without Blocksyte

Without Blocksyte
(Screenshot: Everybody is on their own to connect to everybody's Blockchain)

In this simple example: 3 suppliers and 4 end-customers (retailers in this case). Each of the 3 suppliers has to connect to 4 different blockchain networks and have 4 different systems to operate and be compliant with their customers. A very complex and expensive situation.

If you have dozens or hundreds of customers this becomes unmanagable very fast.

  • Need to purchase and install each system
  • Training for each system to your staff
  • Time spent switching between systems depending on who your customer uses
  • Any integration cost will double, tripple etc... with each new Blockchain network
  • Maintenance, compliance and certification Annualy or more often

With Blocksyte

With Blocksyte
(Screenshot: One system, all customers)

Blocksyte enables our customers to have one system to train on, operate with and get certified and compliant with.

We take the complexity out of being Blockchain compliant/certified with your customers.

  • One simple cloud-based system, just need a browser or app
  • One system with video-based training and help on each function of the screens
  • One system, no switching between systems for each customer
  • One-time integration (or just use Blocksyte's simple screens)
  • System is maintenance and compliance free. We take care of those complexities for you

Traditional Retail

E-commerce images
(Screenshot Blocksyte Manage Blockchain - Contracts)

Blocksyte specializes in working with our customers giving you one system to work with that enables access to upload and provide your information to multiple Enterprise Blockchain Networks. If you are dealing with customers that have different blockchain networks such as IBM, Oracle, SAP etc... then you will need to have different systems that you need to be trained on, understand and work with each in their own unique ways.

Blocksyte allows you to work with one blockchain system, one set of tracking devices and enables you to certify and be compliant with your customers' various systems. Simplify your business with Blocksyte.

Traditional Blockchain

You buy a license to a single blockchain network and you do all of your transactions using the GUI provided (or if they do have an API - spend time and money integrating into their proprietary API - let your computer talk to their computers).

This is managable until your next customer has a different blockchain and you have to repeat this process and train your employees on 2 different systems. If you are lucky to have many different customers, they may have as many different blockchains to integrate with. The problem gets complex and unmanagable very quickly.

Blocksyte hides all of this complexity and saves your employees time and money with only one system to learn and we take care of integrating to these very large and complex systems. You may still be required to have a license but you will save significantly on training, integration, devices and switching between systems.

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