Application Programming Interface (API)

The Blocksyte platform is designed with cloud-based web-services that enable any user-interface to be written and interact with the core services of the Blockchain.

Our Web-Services API works with XML/Soap, XML/HTTPS, JSON/AJAX, and RESTful services. These services provide a compact and highly-cached and efficient sub-second interface for the data required for our own presentation layer, your presentation layer or directly integrating into your own ERP/Logistics systems.. We have this API fully documented and ready for our team, your internal team or even another 3rd party development firm to standarize your omni-channel approach. Our API is also built to reach out to other 3rd party services for geo-positioning, Temperature, Humidity, Shock, Altitude, and power preservation within the IoT transmission devcies.

Contact us to see how we can flexibly work with your existing investments in supply chain systems and add a new dimension for your customers' and staff use.

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