Business Benefits

The Benefits

     Blocksyte provides a comprehensive list of benefits as seen below.

  • Enable new business processes and is a higher level of integration with automated processes and functions through smart contracts (works on an ‘if/ then’ basis like a traditional legal contract, but have the advantage of automatically executing based on the agreed conditions in the smart contract).
  • With the addition of IoT (our hardware solutions), an infrastructure that can be tracked and scale securely on a supply chain and trade with a more trust worthy and transparent supply chain. An “internet of trust” that removes reliance on a third party to establish trust and passes that responsibility to a group of peers.
  • Blocksyte’s automated tracking platform connects managed devices as part of the IoT (Internet of Things). The combined infrastructure then facilitates tracking supply chain trade securely, removing reliance on third parties.
  • Ensures perishables with a shorter-than-expected shelf life will not be accepted
  • Ensures perishables are not subject to conditions in transit that could cause spoilage or sickness to consumers
  • Ensures contractual parameters for orders arriving on time
  • Ensures the quality end-customers expect and ordered
  • Ensures that payments are made when contractual obligations have been met and approved
  • If shipping electronics; be notified if any part of your order incurred any damage due to accidents or a drop.
  • Blocksyte trains and certifies its customers/suppliers to be compliant with different client blockchain systems with one solution that interfaces to other major Enterprise blockchain networks.
  • Your purhase orders become smart contracts and are electronically matched to shipping, packing documents and invocies from all of your vendors.
  • Blocksyte provides you with the necessary information to decide if the quality of a shipment meets agreed contractual parameters and our smart-agreements will inform, the seller, drivers and recipients, if the product will be accepted (no guesswork or appraising at the shipping door).
    • Our business intelligence is invaluable for you and your vendors
    • vendors viability elevated to be successful
  • Small suppliers conforming to blockchain have a big brand/PR value and enhancing loyalty
    • Your vendors that comply have the option to market their compliance to new clients, thus strengthening their competence in supplying you in the future.
  • You and your vendors will immediately have the capability to manage documents electronically with easy access to relevant files & documents as they are needed.
    • No need to depend on file drawers of files full of paper documents
    • Every document is avialable to all parties authorized to view or authorized to edit.
    • Once uploaded documents can no longer be edited or changed. There is a permanent audit record of the document. If a mistake is made we can create a new block to replace the document in error but the original document is always available as part of an audit. In the case of a new document the original parties would have to authorize the newly added document.
    • These features result in more efficiencies and business intelligence for all participating partners.